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Published on December 10th, 2012 | by Washington Assholes

Newt Luvs Hillz ’16

It’s no secret Hillz is the HBIC of Wasses. You don’t get to order around “the boys” (Barry and Joe) nor slam Arianna without having a certain amount of pizzazz. But the scrunchy-monkey has gotten more attention over the past week thanks to a new Washington Post/ABC poll, that shows her capturing 66 percent of the country’s favorability. Enter continued 2016 speculation.

Hillary Clinton 2016 T-shirt

I’m so buff for Hillary.

Even Tooty-Newty couldn’t keep his love under wraps. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Gingrich calculated that if the GOP’s competitor in ’16 “is going to be Hillary Clinton, supported by Bill Clinton and presumably a still relatively popular president Barack Obama, trying to win [against] that will be truly the Super Bowl.” Ok, so not really love, but that’s beside the point.

Either way, you’ll probably want to stock up on Hillz ’16 swag now, before Washington comes up with a new “Texts From” goddess.

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